Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pictures finally

Our internet connections have been kind of iffy so today I will add the pictures I have had to leave out. This is the cotton weaver's lovely place I described last time. The looms are underneath the house.

The little shelter is water vessels put out to welcome visitors, although from what I could tell they are the same kind of vessels used for dyeing.

This is the apparatus used for preparing silk warps, and a detail. As someone not a weaver I found this fascinating.

These are shots of Shinawatra, and the lovely batik I bought.

On the last morning along the Mekong the proprietor had several bolts of silk ikat and raw silk standing in the corner. He said he had bought them a long time ago. The hitch was that I had to buy the whole bolt, one of which was 10 meters, but they were a steal otherwise. When I decide how much I will need of the long bolt of soft brown and silver I will post a picture and open it up to share the rest with you all.

Yesterday on the way back from sightseeing we stopped at the Jim Thompson outlet. They had a bazillion colors of silk on bolts at $10/yd. I nearly went crazy limiting myself to the golds I was after.

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Gerrie said...

I should have given you a shopping list!! I am enjoying a vicarious trip with you.