Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sizing things up

Today started in the far NW corner of Nebraska, two days out from my first class in Madison. It was a nice state park, with nice lawns and trees. One of the things I have to do before a class is stretch and size the fabric for the students to use. This involves painting two four-yard lengths of washed silk and linen with soy milk and stretching it to dry. I showed you how the Japanese do this with narrow fabric. But with 45-60” wide fabric this is another story. Same principle, just a much larger motor activity.

It was not raining and we thought it would be OK to do it first thing in the morning before we left the campsite. Certainly a much better place for that project than the trailer parks we had been in earlier on the trip. At home this would be fine because mornings are usually calm and the breeze does not pick up until late afternoon. But this is Nebraska and pioneer women went insane because the wind never stopped. It was a little like painting a cross between a sail and a bucking bronco. So I stood there holding my morning tea in one hand and anchoring the fabric with the other so it did not sail off and become a UFO. It twice revealed the structural weakness in my stretching system, but at least it dried fast .


Ann Graham said...

Karen, I know you are on the road but I would like your advice (not urgently). Going to Kyoto and then Nagoya and Arimatsu next year (June). Are there workstudios you can recommend to visit for indigo and resist dyeing techniques. I would like to take a class from you before I go, but I'm not sure what your teaching schedule is before June 2011. Thanks for a reply. Ann Graham

elnorac said...

Love your blog but am unable to find pictures from your trip. Are they up yet?